domingo, 11 de marzo de 2007

First what's first. hanging around

First thing first.
I received yesterday my brand new HP pavillion dv2000z laptop.
I tried so hard to fetch it without windows, tried before to fetch my dell without it, no success of course.
Anyway, since I live in a place it would be very, very difficult to get software, and since I need to have my machine ready for work in linux, I can't just rest in this 'restore' feature, the laptop came shipped with, because it would erase my entire linux partition.

So, the time my wife and daughter has left me as of today, I've put it in googling a little. So far, I've found a few promising sites:
What I intend to do is:
  • make a clean install dvd from my oem laptop with vista preinstalled
  • repartition the disc
  • install linux
  • use vista boot loader (if any) to choose between linux and vista.
So we'll see tomorrow!!!

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